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I'm Ninja PayPal. Let's cashout some PayPal accounts!


Last Update: 2023-12-07

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The domain you see below is the official NinjaPayPal website:

Ninja Paypal Official V3 Address

Hello to all the world. This list are the accounts that are currently available, purchased or lost are also displayed.

The base purchase rate is 25.00%. For every $100.00 in balance, 0.50 discount points are applied until the lower limit of 15.00% is realized (10.00 discount points).

What does this mean for you? The higher the account balance, the better the deal.

Questions? Read the FAQ before email.

  • ID Type Balance   Rate Price  
    JLBAOXJ Premier $141.44 Low (24.50%) $74.65 Purchase
    NGHIUND Personal $161.13 Low (24.50%) $79.48 Purchase
    KEZLENIOPersonal $140.70 Very Low (21.50%)$57.77 Purchase
    NVFMHKAPremier$271.85 Very Low (21.50%)$65.24 Purchase
    KAJQMQBPersonal$309.44 Medium (25.50%)$72.72 Purchase
    ACNSNMSPremier$336.81 Medium (26%)$79.15 Purchase
    JWCWPQIPersonal$339.47 Medium (25.50%)$79.78 Purchase
    JTCMPRCPremier$364.58 High (28.50%)$85.68 Purchase
    ADHCQXTPersonal$397.74 High (28.50%)$93.47 Purchase
    IVFYYCGLBusiness$441.40 High (29%)$101.52 Purchase
    ZRSFQRHBusiness$502.85 High (29%)$113.14 Purchase
    WQRPVHHPersonal$568.24 High (29%)$127.85 Purchase
    YWPDHEBPremier$592.19 High (30%)$133.24 Purchase
    SVPRNSMBusiness$814.99 Very High (35.5%)$171.15 Purchase
    LPLBUSYPersonal$872.15 Very High (35.5%)$183.15 Purchase
    AOSAIOPPremier$109.87 (•••) Sold Out$26.92 (•••)
    ZFNTUISCPersonal$126.50 (•••)Sold Out$30.99 (•••)
    EWXRQSAIBusiness$126.55 (•••)Sold Out$31.00 (•••)
    QKMPDCYSBusiness$133.20 (•••)Sold Out$32.63 (•••)
    FSUIECAVPremier$140.00 (•••)Sold Out$34.30 (•••)
    UVNHONVPersonal$153.89 (•••)Sold Out$37.70 (•••)
    ASQWEWPremier$173.63 (•••)Sold Out$42.54 (•••)
    XASAWQPersonal$174.70 (•••)Sold Out$42.80 (•••)
    FHGHDXPersonal$192.63 (•••)Sold Out$47.19 (•••)
    IOQAQZPremier$193.33 (•••)Sold Out$47.37 (•••)
    LQWOIZPersonal$279.75 (•••)Sold Out$67.14 (•••)
    IPQMZRPremier$280.00 (•••)Sold Out$67.20 (•••)
    IAZPWABusiness$302.21 (•••)Sold Out$71.02 (•••)
    QLAMEBusiness$414.99 (•••)Sold Out$95.45 (•••)
    XIOECPremier$422.45 (•••)Sold Out$97.16 (•••)
    XQPMGPremier$469.10 (•••)Sold Out$107.89 (•••)
    ABPOQBusiness$488.10 (•••)Sold Out$112.26 (•••)
    OPASHPersonal$545.03 (•••)Sold Out$122.63 (•••)
    QWRYUPremier$553.37 (•••)Sold Out$124.51 (•••)
    QOPASCBusiness$859.26 (•••)Sold Out$180.44 (•••)
    WAOPQZPremier$590.54 (•••) Removed$132.87 (•••)
    QIOERMPremier$49.29 (•••)Removed$622.39 (•••)
    MXIOEZPremier$2137.68 (•••)Removed$830.65 (•••)
    TQZEROBusiness$1825.01 (•••)Removed$773.75 (•••)